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Tzy Panchak Is The Best Artist In Cameroon “Says His Boss”—Watch Video

Oh how I love social media…..LOL. I was watching the snaps of my friends on Snap chat when I stumbled on this video of Marvin Slim of BLU NATION Record Label boasting about his artist,Tzy Panchak being the best in Cameroon.

My question is: Why not allow his already good artistic works speak for him? Why is his record label Boss trying to be more recognized than his artist?

I think I should stop here for now before I say anything stupid…LOL Check the video I got from snapchat after the cut!!

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  1. 1. 1. Nov 22, 2016

    Eh eh…it’s his artist if he doesn’t blow his trumpet who else will…or shud he say anoda Artist say Magasco is d best???others do it y is a prob if he does d same??, n dt was a private snap amongst frens havin a gud tym…y r u basing ur story on people’s friendly discussions neway?

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