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Tino Foy Cements Comeback With Both Audio & Music Video of “Hold Up”

‘Hold Up.’ is the third official single from our artist who is still trying to make a name for himself in the Cameroonian Urban Music scene. After working with Mr.Adrenaline on his first music video ‘Genes,’ Tino in this new project teamed up with YONKA, nick named ‘The Small Director.’

The track is produced, and mixed by Tino himself who makes a point of being his own music producer in oder to remain in control ofhis creativity. The Hookless track is characterized by Tino’s bullet point rap delivery and proves to be relevant as it describes his relationship with many other industry players while taking the opportunity to announce to the public that he is preparing an album.

ABOUT Tino Foy

After finishing his first degree in the United States, Tino Foy would later drop out of his masters program to pursue a career in music. The only thing Tino was sure of at the time was his song writing skills. Venturing into music, Tino decided to learn how to produce an engineer music, knowing that was the only way he could guarantee a long career in music. Despite having other interests, Tino has decided to stop everything and focus on
developing his music skills. His first ever official single was released in May 2016 and since then Tino has only been able to gain a few fans but he is happy because those fans are ‘ride or die.’

Tino is a very dynamic artist and music producer with a sound that incorporates Old School Hip Hip, Trap, R&B, Afropop, Pop, Soul, and folk music which all find a place in his upcoming album with a release date still to be announce.

ABOUT arTchitect

Created in August 2016 and incorporated in the state of Nevada, USA, arTchitect is coowed by Tino Foy and Rieman Djakou. arTchitect operates in Cameroon as a subsidiary to Takwid Group. The decision to incorporate the label in the USA is in order to be able to ease licensing, publishing, and copyrighting for the label’s artists. Besides Tino Foy, arTchitect is in the process of finalizing a deal to acquire its first non-partner artist whose identity will be released as soon as the deal is complete. What we can say at the moment is it is a female afropop artist. arTchitect is more than a label. It is a lifestyle brand looking to expand into event management, fashion retail, and artist management.

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