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“There is a clear difference between an amateur and a professional” Cynthia Tabe On Cameroon Artists

Our readers would like to know the person behind MMPR. Please tell us who Cynthia Tabe is.
A strict simple perfectionist with a mind that is always ticking and a head that is always spinning ideas…

 How and why did you choose the PR career?
To be honest I did not really choose this as I did not really intend to do PR, this just sort of fell into place from me doing one thing after the other. It became evident that all I was doing fell under public and press relations and I realised that my forte lies in embellishing and packaging others so they can excel.

What is a typical day in your work life like?
There is no real typical day in PR as everyday can be different depending on which account/client I am working on or what comes through my inbox. My day usually consists of checking and managing all our social media/online sites, either editing interviews or content or photos, answering email inquiries, pitching to a media for a feature, creating visuals, managing my MMPR staff, adding more knowledge by reading articles or researching an idea or curating more content for our online site. If we are working through a release, you will also find me writing and/or editing press releases and brainstorming promo strategies.

3What are the most and the least rewarding aspects of your job?
The most rewarding is seeing that my ideas can bring success and the least rewarding is the fact that it takes over one’s life! Well if you are a perfectionist like me!

What are the working conditions like “pace, stress, environment, time”
It totally depends on the individual and the size of the agency. ModeMaison PR is very small and we are working in an environment which is yet to understand the concept of PR so for now the pace and environment is very laid back and we mostly work on office hours. Only when there is a release or launch that it can get a bit hectic but nothing that we cannot manage.

6Would you still choose this job if you had another chance to choose again?
For sure I would as it is something I am very passionate about.

I know you have a son. Does this career provide the time for you to balance work and family?
Sure it does. This job has taught me great multitasking skills and I am very strict with my time and what I need to get done, so far I have been able to balance it well.

Do you have any criteria for working with a particular artist?
Sure we do! Time wasting is worse than losing money so the artist must show that he/she is focused and results driven.

4Who are the artists you work with and how is your work relationship with them?
At the moment we work with Ciana and Stanley Enow and they are both like an extension of my family. I look after their best interest.
What would you tell Cameroonian artists that will help push their careers?
So much has been said already but not many are hearing it or want to hear it, I would advise them to become professional. There is a clear difference between an amateur and a professional.

We all witnessed what happened to Urban Music in Cameroon last year. Do you have any expectations this year?
I am expecting it to continue to grow however what I would like to see is a few new names entering the international scene…

Any words to anyone who wishes to start a PR career?
It is no walk in the park…so come ready.

Thanks very much for talking to us.
Thanks to you for the opportunity.


Twitter/Instagram: @ModeMaisonPR

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  1. Les Nabuya Les Nabuya Jan 28, 2015

    Since this is a Kongosa page let me do my own share of Kongosa! Cynthia Tabe talks as if she is a pro. If she was such a pro in the field of PR why don’t people hear more about her? She never gets many likes on FB when she posts things, she does not support of Cameroonian women who do similar work as she is only popular among her small Francophone crowd since she wants to shine in the light alone. She is in a little bubble and is very delusional that she is a “PRO”. There are many other Cameroonian males and females in particular that promote celebrities for free and get way more attention to the celebrities than Cynthia would ever dream of. But you never hear them say they are Pros. She is promoting Enow Stanley but he was already popular long before she came on board and I never seen the promo works she did of him. PR girl who rarely supports her own people and all you see is her talking about Nigerian bloggers or entertainers. Who is Cynthia fooling? She is a hater who only cares about herself and is not a team player and many Camer people know that even though they don’t tell it to her face. Let er not forget that this industry is small. You but the hands that feeds you and you will be left to starve.

  2. Cynthia Cynthia Feb 2, 2015

    Les Nabuya, that shows how much you know about me. Thanks for taking your time to Kongossa, I guess that is all you know…right?
    Have a great day xxx

  3. Sid Sid Feb 2, 2015

    I think it a shame when instead of supporting our own when the Iime light is on them we take to a public space to diss them. It highly hypocritical that one accuses someone of not looking after her own people yet on the other hand you use your pen/keyboard tto disrespect one of your own publicly. You can’t please all the people all the time. Stanley might have been popular before she came on board but whilst she’sbeen on board he’s won several awards and sponsorship deals not tommention the coveted MTV one. Whether one agrees that was because of her or not; truth is that it happenedwwhilstshe wwas the head of his PR team. So credit where credit is due please; and that gives her bragging rights….i know most of us to would put that on our resume same way you put all your achievements on a CV. So if she wants to call herselfa pro..iithink she has earned Iit certainly in the camer PR circle. She’strying to do and promote a culture that is new to most camers back home.
    As for her not helping young businesses. I beg to disagreebecause as an eentrepreneur she has helped me immensely in my business from conception to branding to launch and pproducts etc…she still does wwhenever I ask her. I know there are people out there like like me that have benefited from her experience and knowledge just because we’re not all OUT there doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. By all means ccriticise her work but don’t attack her personality or bring her down. We’re all women making it in a male dominated world and if you don’t agree or dislike dislike a person ignore them DO NOT SLANDER! It’s uncalled for, unfair and uunprofessional. APOLOGIES TO ALL THE GRAMMAR AND TYPO POLICE..I WAS SO OUTRAGED I COULDN’T WAIT TO GET TO THE LAPTOP

  4. Les Nabuya #2 Les Nabuya #2 Feb 2, 2015

    I guess since this is a Kongosa page, let me too come and Kongosa my own…

    Dear Mr/Ms Les Nabuya,
    At least you’re doing something right…You are actually taking time to read and educate yourself. Whatever that means…However taking from your long comment, you’re outright doing the same thing you accuse the said Ms Cynthia of doing. In what way, you ask?

    1) Instead of supporting one of “your own” as you say, instead you’re bashing. I take it you’re a Woman as you mention her not supporting her fellow “Women”.
    2) You make mention of her “francophone” clique…Which means you are “anglophone” with an archaic thought process. The very same sick thought process that’s destroying our beloved Country.
    3) You make mention of how many “likes” she gets on FB. I also take it you not only stalk her, you follow religiously her Facebook posts. So shall we agree that shes doing her job effectively? Because if she can influence someone like yourself to daily monitor her online presence then shes quite effective in this her “PR Pro” thing. Wouldn’t you agree?
    4) You also mention her wanting to “Shine in the light alone” “shes not popular” “other more popular people who do it for free” etc. It sounds like you want to share this light with her. Why didn’t you just cut to the chase and say so? Since you my dear Nabuya is after fame. I dont think you have an inkling of what it means to have a passion for something not based on fame/fortune. Sad. And while you’re at it, why dont you render your services to your present employer for free? That is if you are employed.
    5) You call her a hater who isn’t a team player and cares only about herself. This leads me to believe you’ve approached her in the past to help you with something and she turned you down…? is that it? weeh my Dear, ashia ya.
    6) Its funny that you mention she talks mostly about Nigerian artists/entertainers. Last time I checked this very website you left your comment on, almost 50% of the content is about Nigerian entertainers et all…but you arent complaining about that..?
    7) Lastly you talk about her biting the hand that feeds her…Im a little lost here…whose hand exactly feeds her? for you to make a comment like this, it betrays your ignorance on her daily living…So, with all being said and done, I’ve come to the conclusion that you make fallacies and in your mind view them to be fact. You should make it a point not to leave equally ignorant comments on social media or the Internet in general about someone else’s life you think you know about…meanwhile you know absolutely nothing.

    On a side note, which one are you Pro of? A)Kongosa? B) Ignorance? C)Stupidity..? because you know, Ignorance is better than stupidity. If then Ignorance is better than Stupidity, that leaves you with two options, Kongosa or Ignorance…Which means Dear one, you need to get busy with more important things..You have the symptoms of an idle mind.


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