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Thank you Dear Readers: Most Read Agegebread Blog Post 2014 “No. 9″

A rather sad incident occurred in New Market Junction, Church street, Limbe this Tuesday April 16, 2014. A young man in his mid thirties was killed to the visibility of the population by thieves.

As the story goes, Abane Blaise, a dealer of tomatoes and food spices, had supplied these items to his customers in the market on Tuesday, pending collection of the money in the evening. After collecting the money from the customers that evening, he was about to drive home when some unidentified men intercepted him and requested he gives all that he has in his wallet.

After his refusal and subsequent struggle with the thieves, they stabbed him by the right ribs with the knife reaching his internal organs. The thieves fled but didn’t collect the wallet.


bl1The last cries of the dying boy caught the attention of passers-by who immediately rushed him to the hospital but unfortunately he gave up the ghost on the way to the Limbe regional hospital at mile one. His remains was deposited at the mortuary in mile one.

The deceased,Abane Blaise is a Nigerian / Cameroonian who reside in Mile 4, Bonadikombo.

Source(Facebook—Yanick Fonki N.)

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  1. marceline marceline Jan 14, 2015

    let the soul of the departed rest in peace,but God will judge the killers

  2. price price Jan 31, 2018

    It was a tragic event of his life, my condolence. Those men were destined to be judged by our God. It was not their job to take his life, only God can. Surely, they have a place to go after their death here on earth. That man in the picture was with God now. He is happily living with Him, no problems and troubles. I hope the security will increase or install a surveillance camera in that street to monitor the threats it may occur. Everyone deserves to live peacefully. However, there are still people who have bad motives to destroy someone’s life.

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