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Tanwie Elvis’ Chasing Tails Thriller Is A Much Watch(Video)

‎From the director of Bad Angel, Tanwie Elvis, comes Chasing Tails a feature film written and produced by Frank Sire. starring Syndy Emade, Desmond Wyte, Ade Kelly and Frank Sire.

SYNOPSIS :Chris (Frank Sire) is the conventional larger-than-life kind of guy. His sophistication sums up his good luck charm. Getting laid is no trouble for him, getting to commit is his most dreaded idea. His buddy Charles (Desmond Wyte) and colleague Doris (Syndy Emade) hold him in such high regard and are dying to see him entangled in a web of romance. Perhaps settle down someday. They team up in what is more likely a bet or dare in order to indulge him with Jane (Ade Kelly) a friend of Doris’. Chris liking a challenge took the bait, caring less if Jane was being coached from behind the scenes by Doris who was the mastermind. As fate will have it, Charles and Doris have chemistry but having been stuck in the friend zone like forever, they had to hide behind dating sites in order to stalk each other but sooner than later, all will be revealed. A relationship is waiting to happen.

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