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Scorned Wife Chops Off Cheating Husband’s Pen*s

32-year old Fan Lung is walking around with no pen*s today after his scorned wife chopped off his man business…his *pen*s.*

According to the New York Post, Lung used his wife’s phone to send sexual and risque messages to his mistress, and then forgot to log out once he was done(some would say he was asking for it).

His wife, Feng, didn’t even have to go through his phone to find dirt. She was practically presented with it. Rather than confront him or give him the silent treatment, Feng resorted to a more dramatic form of retaliation: she chopped off his *pen*s* while he was asleep. With a scissors.

Mr. Lung rushed to the emergency room where doctors were able to somehow reattach his third leg, but Mrs. Lung was having none of it. She barged into the hospital room and sliced off her husbands precious limb AGAIN.

To ensure it’s permanent absence from her husband’s body, Feng flung the penis out of a window onto the street, which is where she eventually fled to. Angered and penis-less, Fan chased her, and began to tussle with her in the hospital parking lot before authorities stepped in.

Lung’s pen*s, twice removed, has not been recovered.




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