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Reggae Legend,Alpha Blondy’s House Destroyed By The Government

It had been repeatedly announced that Reggae Legend,Alpha Blondy’s residence will be destroyed. It was not going to take too long before that announcement was fullfilled.The mayor of Cocody,N’Goan Aka Mathias , today authorized the demolition of part of the residence.

The dispute between Alpha Blondy and the district of Cocody has been going on for more than 20 years. This is because the artist’s estate is built on the highway, in the public domain , and worst of all, the area is built on a mainline runoff for the district.

The real worry is that this large building caused severe flooding in the surrounding areas , including the Riviera 2 and 3 district during the season of heavy rains.

Council of Ministers , the national government decided in 2011 that they will destroy part of the residence. This has been done today.

The Ivorian international reggae star has long resisted the threats and complaints of the authorities and populations but gave up recently.


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