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Rapper YOUNG FAME of NEBANGU MUZIK Drops Freestyle Video Of “Tchak”

Rapper YOUNG FAME of NEBANGU MUZIK has decided to give his fans the official freestyle video to his TCHAK freestyle snippets.

     If you know Nebangu Muzik and BLUEPRINT HAKEEM’s EXCUSE MY ENGLISH EP and his COLD LIKE ALASKA album, then you wouldn’t doubt what his younger brother YOUNG FAME will bring. Fame is all about spitting hard bars and dropping the most catchy lines you will ever get on a rap instrumental.
      TCHAK is the first freestyle video from YOUNG FAME’S “TheWarmUpMixtape”.
       He’s dropping rap bars on one of raps most legendary and celebrated beat, #WHOA by BLACK ROBE, a song released under DIDDY’s BADBOY records in the year 2000.
       TCHAK freestyle video was done using a Samsung S7edge mobile phone.
       Get in here, click and enjoy the video, while you make sure you click the “subscribe” icon on NEBANGU MUZIK youtube page. Say Happy birthday to YOUNG FAME.
watch TCHAK here:

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