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Photos: Its Confirmed,Epule Jeffrey’s Baby Mama’s Traditional Marriage Is Taking Place

According to Maybelle Boma Blog,

Concerning the story I put yesterday in regards to our Cameroon FILM Industry – C.F.I actress Sende Bende who has a baby by Cameroonian top actor Jeffrey Epule getting married next month to Dr George Ewane who works at CRTV, it is no longer a rumour. I can now confirm my story. Below are pictures of actress Sende and Dr George Ewane at the Bamungo palace of the North west region of Cameroon for her official introduction. I tried reaching actor Jeffrey all day yesterday but was told he was on set shooting a movie. Jeffrey is an extremely talented actor, I think he should concentrate more on that for now.

Looking at Sende on these new photos,it seems the actress is pregnant…Could that be the reason for the rush to marry George Ewane of CRTV?…Check pics after the cut!!

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  1. G G Jan 11, 2016

    Bamungo palace. whoa life has it’s ways. I wish them the best in their marriage. And Epule also all the best. There’s an ex for a reason. just because someone is getting married doesn’t mean the ex is lacking? Cameroonians and their comparison mentality…

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