“People would learn from their mistakes if they weren’t busy denying them” Elvis Wonder


Can you tell the fans who you? Who is Elvis Wonder?

-My real names are Musa Elvis Anchie. Hails from the north west region. My father comes from Ndu n mom Ngwo-Njikwa sub division, from a family of 5, 4 boys n a girl.Am the 2nd. I sing/rap n a rythmic guitarist, am an actor with 2 movies in the market titled….. Katrina n Upon All Odds. Am a fine Art Artist by profession.

Why the name Elvis Wonder? Is Wonder your real name?

– Elvis is my real name and Wonder is my artistic name.

– Elvis Wonder, because my mother, friends and most people around me used to call me wonder boy and saying I have lot of talent and also that am a great man.The things i do n always keeping p’ple stuttering and muttering. They refer to me as the man with the magic fingers dats cuz of the way i manipulate the guitar with my fingers, they call me the man with the wonderful voice and on my paintings, they say am sooo amazing.so to coin it all i make every one wonder.

Is Elvis wonder a musician,a painter or both?

– Am both. Am also an Actor and a guitarist.

What inspire your paintings?

-Nature, culture, the street,the ghetto and most of all the orphans.Am working for them(the orphans) cuz am 1 of them.

What genre of music do you do?

-Afro soul / afro pop and afro soul Njang.

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