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Nigeria claims no need for international aid against Boko Haram

Earlier this week the United Nations Security Council met in order to discuss the growing militant threat in Nigeria. Despite the mounting atrocities by the militant group Boko Haram, a Nigerian official claimed that Nigerian and its neighbors are capable of handling the situation themselves.

Sambo Dasuki, the national security adviser for Nigeria, said that international aid against Boko Haram is not needed. Military officials of Nigeria, Chad, Niger, and Cameroon also met earlier this week to discuss plans to combat the growing Islamic militant threat.

“It’s something that we can do. It’s absolutely something we can do,” Dasuki said in an interview with BBC. “I think as it is we are in good shape to address the issue with those partners, Niger, Chad and Cameroon.”

Dasuki’s confidence in the transnational security force seems out of place in light of Boko Haram’s recent attacks. The attacks on the town of Baga resulted in the fall of the joint security force headquarters as well as the deaths of 2000 Nigerian civilians, though, only Nigerian forces were present during the attack.

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