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Martin Enow Indirectly Shades Salatiel & Calls Askia A Stupid Bitch

It seems Montess’ unexpected win at the AFRIMA Awards 2017 that took place in Nigeria has caused more harm than good in the Urban music scene in Cameroon.Montess’ win as the Best Female artist in Central Africa led to an online uproar with many people in the industry questioning the credibility of the Award show.

Some urban artists in the industry questioned the Show’s decision which led to some online exchanges between some stakeholders of the music industry.

Salatiel made a post where he congratulated Locko and doubted the other’s win.This led to alot of backlash.Martin Enow of Motherland even posted a comment on Facebook indirectly calling out the Alpha Better Records Boss.

Salatiel later made a video that day where he said he had nothing against Montess but the organizers of the AFRIMA Awards for being unprofessional and controversial. He also posted a post on Facebook indirectly replying to Martin’s post.

Martin Enow has retaliated with the posts below indirectly insulting Salatiel and his artist,Askia.

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