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“If You Feel Concerned,Know Am Dissing You” Askia on “No Worry Me” Lyrics

While waiting for Cameroon Female Rap star,Askia to drop the official video of her single,”No Worry Me”, I had to get to her to find out the reason behind the song,her image and also her future plans of releasing an album.Below is what the starlet had to say:

Why the Song Title “No Worry Me” ?

I titled the song #NO WORRY ME cuz it’s actually how I felt at the moment.I won’t be caring about anything anybody has to say about the things I do, why and how I do them.I made this song at a very difficult time in my life and there is nothing I said that I didn’t feel.So I guess #NO WORRY ME is all I really had to say to every difficulty I faced.

I have listened to the song and its the bomb…it sounds a bit confrontational or am I being too sensitive? Are you beefing anyone in this song?

I’m not beefing anyone.I have no personal issue with anyone. My lyrics and my tone of voice might seem like I’m getting at someone, but really I’m just doing me. It’s hip-hop. Usually when I write, I put myself in the shoes of various people, so at the end of the day my music might please the majority, though some might feel I’m beefing them and go emotional. It’s all good. If you feel concerned, then know I’m dissing you, else enjoy the music and have fun.

The teaser of the video is wow! Does that mean new Record Label, New Image? Cos you look very different and edgy in the video.

Shout out to Nkeng for the video. My looks have changed. I’m going hardcore, I’m no longer out here to joke or play with this music. Die man must sleep. And yes I signed to Mutumbu records Inc, a Camer record label based in Netherlands which is soon coming to be fully established in Cameroon. The energy they are putting is terrific and believe me, No worry me is just 1% of what’s next on the menu. Just watch

When should we expect an Album from Askia?

Before this year ends an EP will be out. An album isn’t on the plan yet but songs are ready for that. I just wanna drop crazy music and prove I’m worth it then we shall talk album. For now, let’s take it one step at a time. More dope music and more crazy videos. My team has that in plan already

Thanks Askia for talking to Kamerkongosa.Any last words for your fans?

My Fans are very special to me. Because of you all, I was able to be a Rock for myself even when I tot all hope was lost.Because of your love I was able to stand up tall at the worst moments of my life.I am so grateful to have such die hard fans and I am Askia cuz of you.I will never stop. Let’s get it.

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