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“I Would Like To Work With Daphne,Mr Leo and Longue Longue”……..Emeczy(Download His New Single)

1—– Who would you say is Emeczy?
Emeczy is an international Afrobeats and hip hop artist. 
2—– Is Emeczy your real name?
No, Emeka Momah.
3—– How long have you been into music?
I have been into from a very young age but professionally, I would say 6 years.
4—–What inspires your music?
Real life experiences and other artists inspire my music
5—– You are married to a Cameroonian lady. Do you know any Cameroon artists?
Yes I am happily married to a Cameroon lady. Yes I do, Stanley Enow, Jovi, Daphne, Mr. Leo, Tzy Panchack and so many more.
6—– Which Cameroon artists would you like to work with?
Daphne, Mr. Leo and Longue Longue
7—–What do you think about the Cameroon music industry?
They are a lot of talents in the Cameroon industry, I respect all of them. They are getting the shine that they deserve.
8—–You have just released a new single. Can you tell us about it?


Yes I have. It is titled “Hustle Everyday” featuring a good friend, Biano. The song entails me defining what Hustling is from my own perspective, giving some words of advice and encouragement, pointing out social issues that affects our people, and pointed my personal thoughts/experiences. For example : “when things fall apart, I’m picking up the pieces, life is like an essay so I came up with a thesis” – Emeczy (verse 2).
           9—–Should we be expecting an EP or Album soon?
Yes, sometime in the future.
10—-What are some of the challenges you experience as an African artist in the Diaspora? Unfortunately, there is no unity in the diaspora.
Personally speaking, I love music from all over the world. Good Music has no boundaries or specific location. However, people tend to pick and choose music based on which country the artist is from. Also, you don’t get support from the diaspora until you are already an accomplished and established artist. 
11—-What would you tell someone in the Diaspora who wants to start a music career ?
I would tell that person to stay focused, be original, be professional and be prepared to work extremely hard.
12—-Any words for your fans?
I love and appreciate every single fan I acquire everyday. God bless you all for your continuous support.
13—-Thank you for accepting to talk to Kamer Kongosa Blog.
Thank you for interviewing me, it was a pleasure.

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