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“I Have Had A Negative Experience With A Blogger” Mokambe Speaks Up

1- Who is Omaka Mokambe?

Mokambe is a U.S based Cameroonian afro pop gospel artist. Born and raised in Cameroon till the age of 21 and moved to the United States.

2-Could you share your music journey with your fans?

•    Mokambe has been into music since his secondary school days. Back then he pretty much did mainly live music with the church. Mokambe is able to play the bass guitar, drum set and the Piano. He Officially got into recording professionally in 2015 and released his first single video in 2016 titled FEELING ME ft. Kiflex. He also recently released his second single PAST LIFE on the 24th of September 2016. Video soon to follow. Matter of fact Mokambe is a very hardworking artist with a perfectionist mentality. And he is here to stay.

3-What has been the most rewarding experience as an artist?

•    Because of the purpose of me doing music which is to pass through a message, the most rewarding experience I have had so far is to see the way people respond to the message my music convey. I have many people call me and others write on Facebook and other medias, telling me that they have really been blessed by the messages I share in my music. As an artist and a true Christian, that makes me feel really fulfilled.

4-Why Gospel Music?Why not Afro beats etc

•    I do gospel for the single purpose of passing a message to the people. And the message is nothing else other than the truth of the Gospel. If I can affect one person’s life positively with my music, then my reason for music is achieved.

5-Which artists would you love to work with?

•    I will love to work with any hardworking Gospel artist and any other artists who believe in positive message. In Cameroon will include people like Locko, Mr. Leo etc.

6-What do you think about the Cameroon music industry

•    I am very proud of the Cameroon music industry mostly with respect to its growth. People are working really hard to achieve their goals in the industry. No one wants to be left behind.  Right now if we as a people can take upon ourselves to support each other and quit criticizing then we will take things to an outstanding level.  And for the artists, lets not let pride take over. Because PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL.

7-Have you ever had a negative encounter with a fan?

•    I actually have had a negative encounter with a blogger and not really a fan yet. We are very good friends now though at the time things didn’t really go well. like I said earlier, humility even to people younger than yourself will take you along way.

8-Any new music anytime soon?

•    Yes I have plenty coming. Past life video will be here soon, and I do have many more coming from where PAST LIFE and FEELING ME came from, stay tuned.

9-Any words for your fans?

•    To all who listen to my music. All I have for you is love and please listen to the actual words of the songs and get the messages in them. It will surely bless you one way or another.

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