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I Don`t Know if Mic Monsta`s Boycott Of My Music Video Was Intentional But It was A Let Down

1—- Please tell us about yourself?
About myself, I am a music maker, a father and an introvert.i have been making music since 2007, I started off rapping and eventually switched to producing when I couldn’t find a producer competent enough to give me what I wanted back then.
2—-Why call yourself Blahk Santa?
I’m a very spiritual person. Santa in Spanish means Holy. Then a lot of people always described me as the black I was trying to get my self a name that will match the image.  The name is actually Blahk Santa Huncho(black holy leader). I like bringing people together to achieve a common goal.I mean if you hear the name Blahk Santa you should expect to see a very reserved person.
3—-Congratulations on your Urban Jamz Awards nomination last year.How has that helped your career?
you know, for me just being nominated was already a win. I mean EME was my first ever project to put out and it got nominated for best album? Without a single video off that project that was huge. That nomination motivated not only me but everyone one around me, no one is sleeping anymore. It also turned the lights my way.I got more people hitting me up these days. My Dad told me he was proud of me. Unfortunately he only knew of it the day of the event when he called I told him I was in Buea for that event.
4—-What can you say about the state of Hip Hop in the Cameroon music scene
I like some of what I hear, but I’m disappointed on the most part. These guys will do anything to be relevant these days. Cameroon artist worry a lot about approval and that is killing the culture.
But with the likes of young Holiday, Clancy Wanshey, Neillex, Anu,Hakeem infact you see the tracklist of The rebirth that’s the future. If all these guys continue with this energy give us just 2 years we will be on SA level.
5—-You have just released a double EP in which you featured many Rap artists,which of them would you say was the best to work with?Who would you say was the worst?
honestly speaking it was a smooth experience everyone answered present when I called. I had no issues.
6—-Which song will you say is the best off this EP.
Hahahaha if there was a song I didn’t like it won’t be on the project.
7—-Why did you name the EP Rebirth?
This is a new me, I became a father. Man I really can’t express this, you know my son gives me this new energy I have always needed. This Lil man has pushed me to discover my potentials. I feel like I am born again through him. You know I got a reason to keep fighting now.
8—-We dug and found out that Mic Monsta boycotted the set of the music video of the song he featured in.How true is that?
Well I don’t know if it was intentional or he was committed but it was a let down.
 9—-Should we be expecting music videos of songs off this EP?If yes,how many?
yes but I can’t really say how many but I’m sure you are definitely getting one this week.
10—How do you manage production and being an artist?
producing is already a hobby so it’s easy, being an artist I’m still venturing into that can’t say yet but as long as I have the likes of Chaze with me it’s gonna be an easy ride.
11—Would you encourage artists to go into production?
its very important that every artist know how to set the foundation of a track,that will go a long way to help their careers.
12—Any words for your fans and the new ones that are discovering your music?
i can’t thank them enough, be part of my journey let’s evolve together. A simple share will make the Rebirth go viral. We can make it happen.
13—Who would you rather work with Jovi or Stanley Enow?
i want to put both of them on a track. Let’s make history together. Put the culture and motherland first!
14—Thanks very much for talking to us
It was a pleasure

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