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FEATURE: “I Think The Cameroon Music Scene Has A Bright Future” Michael Kiessou

Who is Michael Kiessou?

Michael Kiessou is a young Cameroonian artist who excels in urban music, with a particular interest in the rehabilitation of the Benskin genre (our traditional music in west Cameroon). With my successful singles,I am counted among those who have decided to put Cameroon on the map.

How did you get started?

Since I was in the high school. I began following friends of mine who had home studios to give life to my passion of music. From there I worked in several music studios before finally meeting the talented hit maker Philjohn. It is from there that my career took a new pace till date.

32How did your family react when you told them you wanted to be a “singer” ?

My family was not surprised because they had always suspected that passion. As a child, I spent my days singing.I also did presentations at fairs in school. Just like in my media career, my family has always supported me.

If I have to check your MP3 player give me 3 songs I’m going to find in it?

Jason derulo – Marry me, Longuè Longuè (I’m a big fan) & Davido – Tchelete.

34What instruments do you play?

A bit of percussion and right now i’m learning how to play the guitar.

Which artists inspire you?

They are so numerous. André Marie Talla, Meiway, and then I will say all the artists whose music attract me.

 If you were not singing, what would you do?

Host a program on TV or radio….you know I’m a Media-communicator.

What was your reaction when you found out “Bennam” was a success?

It was nice to know that Cameroonians had such an attachment to their culture. I was happy to know that they really loved it. And glad I took the risk to revitalize the Benskin music.

Which artists in Cameroon and abroad would you like to work with?

In Cameroon: X-Maleya, Kareyce Fotso, Talla Andre Marie, Stanley Enow
Abroad: Meiway, Davido, The weasel, Lokua Kanza.

What do you think of the Urban Music scene in Cameroon?

I think the Cameroon Urban music scene has a bright future. It contains lots of talents and enthusiasts. We just need to be encouraged and empowered.

Let’s talk about your personal life! Are you married? Or in a relationship?

Not married, but in a relationship.

33What would you say to others who want to be artists like you?

To believe in themselves, do what’s necessary, work tirelessly, not to be discouraged: Keep on working and keep faith in God.

What more can we expect from you this year 2015?

My 1st album drops by mid-year with a some great collabos, a 2nd national tour and 1st international tour are also planned…just stay tuned

Thanks Michael … It was a pleasure doing the interview with you.

The pleasure is mine. I love your work and appreciate the support ohh kamer kongossa !

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