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Dr. Nkeng Stephens Is My Best Friend,We’ve Been Through Alot Together— Daphne

8-Who are some of the artists in Cameroon you would love to work with?

I’d love to work with Manu Dibango, Richard Bona, Charlotte Dipanda , Locko ,Mr Leo, Salatiel, Jovi and many others.

9-We reported on this platform that you are dating Dr Nkeng Stephens…Can you confirm this?

(Laughs)ok I think it’s time for me to break this mystery I so much enjoyed. Dr. Nkeng and I are not dating and we have never dated. He’s my best friend.We’ve been through a lot together. He taught me how to believe in myself , that’s why we have a special bond.

10-What has been the most embarrassing experience for you as an artist

My most embarrassing experience was in Limbe when I fell on stage during a performance LOL

11- I love your new single “Madingwa” and the music video. Would you say you are experimenting with different genres and sounds?

Thank you. Am glad you love it. Yes I have always wanted to be versatile with my art.

12-Whats your take on the music industry. Is it growing?

I think the music industry is growing and I’m so proud of Cameroonians because we are beginning to play and enjoy our own music.

13-Any word for anyone getting into music?

Like I always say, dream big and work towards it, committing everything to God.

14 Thanks for granting us this interview

Thanks again for having me. It’s been a pleasure.

Meanwhile watch Daphne’s new music video ” Madingwa” Below…….

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