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Dr. Nkeng Stephens Is My Best Friend,We’ve Been Through Alot Together— Daphne

1- Hey Daphne,nice to finally meet you for this interview

Thanks for having me here on Kamer Kongosa.

2-Could you please introduce yourself to our fans?

I am Daphne NJIE, Stevens music’s recording artist by artist name Daphne.

3-Could you tell us a bit about your music journey?

I started visiting studios in 2009 where I got in contact with track zone team. As a student all I really wanted was to sing though I was afraid to say that openly. I gave up music after a while until a recording I had done caught the attention of No hits No Records in 2012. In 2013 I began thinking more seriously about a career in music, then came the deals with No hits No Records and Stevens ME and my subsequent transfer to Stevens ME. My music career was fully launched in 2014 with my first single Rastafari.

4-Was your family supportive when you told them you wanted to be an artist?

At the very beginning my mom didn’t want me doing music but, the day she heard a couple of my songs(before the release of my first single), she wept (laughs) and gave me her blessings. Since then my family has been with me.

5-How did you get to meet the Stevens?

I want to say my meeting with Stevens was a miracle. Prince Michael Enobi who was my manager at the time, accompanied another artist to meet Stevens. In the CD the other artist took was my song Mother’s love. When the Stevens heard my song, they were starstruck( haha). Prince Michael then arranged for our meeting.

6-Congratulations on your Afrimma win…Can you take us back to that day? What was going through your mind when your name was called?

Oh thanks☺. I was very happy to hear my name but I was quite confident. In my mind I had all these people I wanted to say thank you to though I forgot to mention all of them.

7-Would you say you are living your dream? How has your career affected your life and that of your family?

Nope, I feel like I have just taken some pretty good steps towards achieving my dreams but it’s a whole lot more.


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