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8 Things You Should Know About TV Personality “Krystn Enem”

Krystn Enem is a popular TV Personality with her own show “Krystn Enem Show” on Africa Magic Urban Channel 153.She is a simple,beautiful and very hardworking entrepreneur who gets different celebrities on her show and getting them to open up about their career and their personal lives…Read more about her below:

-I love “love” and family. Family is everything

-I am an extremist in everything. I’m like a no between person. Its either black or white, no grey.

-I have multiple personalities depending on my mood

-I love to dance

-I am turned off by lies

-I love cars

-I was part of a girl music group with my best friends in the University “laughs”. But no! I cannot even sing to save my life.

-I love food(Foodie of life) but I hate cooking “Laughs”

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