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5 Things You Should Know About Nsang Dilong

Nsang Dilong, a model turned actress, won the Miss West Africa Cameroon Competition in 2011.She has featured in a few movies in the movie industry and also works with orphanages in the country to educate and give hope to the fatherless and motherless.Though many fans say she always keeps to herself,below are some of the things you should know about her that you didn’t know:

1) I love God with a passion

2) Because of my name Nsang, most people think I hail form the North West Region but I actually come from Meme Division in the South West Region

3) I love keeping to myself to the point where I can stay in my room for a whole week without going out; if I have my food and my phone.

4) People think I a huge snob but naa, I am just very careful with the people I mingle with because I really hate trouble and cannot stand drama

5) I started as a model and my love for acting grew. I was actually crowned Miss West Africa Cameroon 2011. And went on to represent Cameroon in the Gambia

Watch her skits and subscribe to her channel on youtube:

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  1. Lulo Kutcha Lulo Kutcha Feb 3, 2015

    I remember Nsang Dilon back when she won Miss Cameroon in 2011. I wish her good luck as the movie industry is shaky in Cameroon and we need talent like hers to make it better.

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